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A few Osomatsu-san icons, from a hand-drawn PV! (46 total)

Feel free to use! Please credit both me and/or the video creator (just the sm28085573 works) though!

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icons from here!


Mar. 5th, 2016 07:11 am
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Hello everyone! I'm currently unemployed and in need of some quick cash by the end of the month, so I'm doing super cheap commissions!

For only 10 dollars, you can get a fully coloured bust of any character of your choice -- canon, ocs, au whatever! They'll look something like the examples below!

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Summer, Beth, and Jerry Smith icons! (S: 36 B: 23 J: 28 + 1 B&J)

Some icons are brighter and clearer, which is because I used the dvd for most of them and online rips for the brighter ones and for some reason, the dvd turned out dark and kind of LQ?? I blame Windows (won't be usin' the dvd for further icons tho don't worry)

Anyway, feel free to use! Please credit though!

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You heard it, folks! I'm now taking commissions to make icons for you, and they're pretty cheap to boot!

My prices are 3 dollars for four icons of any kind or 18 dollars for a full set of 35, and you can just transfer the money as points for this account. I'm seriously low on paid accounts and no other way to earn money, so I thought this'd be easier for everyone rather than setting up a paypal account and having the money transferred that way.

Now unfortunately I'm not going to be doing manga/comic coloring, because that takes a lot more work and those aren't really the kinds of icons I make, anyway. But here are some examples of what I do make!

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Bill Icons from Season 2! (43!)

Feel free to use! Please credit though!

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Dipper Icons from Season 2! (41!)

Feel free to use! Please credit though!

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Wendy Icons from Season 1! (55!)

Feel free to use! Please credit though!

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Miwa Icons from episode 36 (41 i think)

Might add more from other episodes later.

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Kidou Yuuto dedication post

(306) [Episodes 1-17]

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This post is going to get huge. I'll update every now and then.
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Kidou Icons (20)
Fudou Icons (50)
Extra Icons [Handshake of rabu] (1)

This kind of cliche told story has only one ending )

All icons are made from this video.


May. 30th, 2012 11:04 am
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Just gonna comment underneath the right threads with the right accounts yeah



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